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    Discover the beauty and artistry of handmade pottery at Kilned with Kindness. Our small batch pottery studio in Southern Oregon creates exquisite ceramics with a touch of folk art inspiration. Explore our functional and beautiful pottery that enriches your daily life.
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About Kilned with Kindness - A Haven for Handmade Pottery

At Kilned with Kindness, we believe in the art of creating functional and beautiful pottery that enriches your daily life. Our small batch pottery studio, nestled in the heart of Southern Oregon, is a place where passion, creativity, and craftsmanship come together to produce exquisite handmade pottery with a touch of folk art inspiration.

Our Mission: Creating Art with Heart

Our journey began with a simple dream - to bring the warmth and beauty of handcrafted ceramics into the lives of people like you. Our founder, Summer Brendlinger, a talented artist with a heart for pottery, embarked on this journey with the mission of infusing everyday routines with a touch of artistry. At Kilned with Kindness, we believe that handmade pottery goes beyond its practical use; it becomes a reflection of the care and love put into each creation.

The Beauty of Small Batch Pottery

But what does "small batch" mean? For us, it signifies an artisanal approach, where we focus on crafting pottery in limited quantities using traditional techniques and skills. We take pride in not being a mass production studio, as our passion lies in creating quality pottery that stands out at an affordable price. Each piece we create embarks on a journey, passing through several stages, where time, care, and craftsmanship come together to produce something truly special.

Crafting Each Piece with Love and Attention

The process begins with raw clay, a malleable canvas that transforms through the hands of our skilled ceramicist, Summer Brendlinger. Each piece is carefully shaped and formed, either on the potter's wheel or hand-built, or sometimes a combination of both. Once the initial crafting is complete, a slow drying process ensures that each piece remains free from cracks and minimal warpage.

When the piece reaches the bone-dry stage, it undergoes its first permanent transformation in the kiln. This crucial bisque firing makes the pottery stronger, moving it away from its initial fragility towards the robustness that characterizes handmade ceramics. Then comes the magical moment when glaze, the colorful essence, is meticulously applied. The pottery is fired once more at over 2,000 degrees, infusing it with lasting beauty.

Functional Beauty for Your Home

Our handmade pottery is more than just decoration; it's meant to be used and cherished daily. Whether you're sipping a steaming cup of coffee from one of our cozy mugs, serving a delightful meal on our ceramic plates, or adding a touch of nature with our plant-inspired designs, our pottery enhances your routines and creates special moments.

Custom Creations and Wholesale Opportunities

In addition to our signature collections, we offer customized handcrafted pottery for businesses, restaurants, organizations, and special events. Whether you're looking for unique pieces to represent your brand or personalized gifts for your loved ones, Kilned with Kindness can bring your ideas to life with artful precision.

We also extend our passion for pottery to retailers through our wholesale program. Partner with us to offer your customers our unique and exquisite handmade pottery, adding a touch of art to their homes.

The Passion of Our Ceramicist

Behind Kilned with Kindness stands Summer Brendlinger, a passionate ceramicist who finds joy in sharing her love for handmade functional art with her valued customers. When you hold one of her pieces, you can feel the attention, dedication, and love that goes into every detail. It's this heartfelt connection that makes our pottery truly special and treasured.

Explore Our World of Functional Art

We invite you to explore our website and discover the heart and soul we pour into each and every piece. From charming mugs that cradle your favorite brew to elegant plates that elevate your dining experience, Kilned with Kindness pottery is designed to add a touch of artistry to the moments that matter.

Connect with Us

If you have any questions or wish to learn more about our pottery and the artistry behind it, we are here to assist you. Feel free to reach out, and let us bring the beauty and functionality of handmade ceramics into your life.

With warmth and creativity,
The Kilned with Kindness Team
Mountain Pottery Mug with succulents

Meet the Potter - Summer Brendlinger

What a beautiful journey I have been on, and every step has led me here, to Kilned with Kindness, where I can share my love of handmade pottery with you.

It all began back in 1994 when I had the privilege of taking a ceramics class in high school, taught by a wonderful teacher. She ignited my passion for creating with clay, and from that moment on, I sought out every opportunity to make pottery a central part of my life.

After college, where I focused on ceramics, I faced a tough decision - pursue a career in art or opt for financial stability. I chose to pursue a master's degree in teaching and went on to become an elementary school teacher for 14 years.

But my love for pottery never waned, and after a few years, I found myself yearning to bring clay back into my life. My husband and I built a tiny studio in our backyard, and Kilned with Kindness was born.

Balancing teaching and motherhood was demanding, but I was determined to keep my hands in clay. Embracing my early morning creativity, I would wake up just before 5 AM and spend an hour in the studio, fulfilling my artistic cravings.

After a decade of this juggling act, I realized it was time to focus all my energy on ceramics. I love teaching, but I needed a change, and I took the leap. I am beyond grateful to my family and community, who have supported me throughout this journey.

Kilned with Kindness started as a small dream that grew into a full-blown plan. My lifelong dream of being a potter, creating functional work that enriches people's lives, never left me. Taking the leap was scary, but scarier was the thought of never trying at all.

Now, I am here, making it happen, and I appreciate and love everyone who supports me along the way. Teaching ceramics is a joy, and I have more than just an hour every morning to immerse myself in my studio.

Connection and community are vital to me, and having you here makes it possible for me to create the pots that I love. Thank you for being a part of this journey with me.

I hope this story helps you connect with me and the heart behind Kilned with Kindness. Your presence and support inspire me to continue crafting pottery with love and artistry. Together, we bring the beauty of handmade ceramics into your lives.

With heartfelt gratitude,
Summer Brendlinger - The Potter behind Kilned with Kindness
Summer Brendlinger at Kilned with Kindness
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